25 Facts About Me

 1. I am a bit of a fussy eater, I normally order the same things at restaurants because I know I like them.

2. I think that TV is better during Winter.

3. I can't sleep with my bedroom door open.

4. I have swam with dolphins twice and I would really recommend it.

5. I went to Cheryl Cole's 'A Million Lights Tour' and Girls Aloud's 'Ten Tour' and they were  two of the best nights of my life. Ever.

6. I love crime shows e.g. CSI, Law and Order, Rookie Blue, Flashpoint

7. I always lose my purse and it is dreadfully annoying

8. My friend once made me a valentines day card covered in pictures of Eddie Redmayne. It has become a permanent feature in my room.

9. After much consideration I think that my favourite colour may be burgundy

10. I'm rubbish at painting my nails

11. I once played a snowman in a school play

12. I HATE mint, it literally sends a shiver down my spine. It makes brushing my teeth a very unpleasant task.

13. 13  is my lucky number

14. I am more confident when my hair is curly

15. I have the biggest phobia of needles

 16. I love cats, they are cute, fluffy and they purr. What more could you want from an animal?

17. Orlando, Florida is one of my favourite places in the entire world

18. I once fractured and dislocated my thumb

19. I once watched The Notebook, My Sister's Keeper and The Time Traveller's Wife all on the same day. It was an emotional commitment

20. I have read and watched the Twilight saga a ridiculous amount of times

21. I always have to remind myself to drink, I can go hours without realising that I haven't drank

22. I am always cold, I basically need an electric blanket that comes everywhere with me

23. I took a boat trip in Paris at night time and saw the Eiffel tower lit up and sparkling. It was beautiful

24. Crisps are my favourite munchy food (let's ignore the fact that they're really bad for you)

25. I like to relax by watching Youtube videos and reading blogs

I hope you enjoyed a more personal blog post, I feel like I haven't done one properly in a while, I also hope you don't mind that I threw a few picture together for the post.

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