My 17th Birthday

Pre-warning - picture heavy post 

I had my 17th birthday yesterday and I would like to say a massive thank you to those of you that wished me happy birthday, that was very lovely of you. It was funny because I had to go to school yesterday it didn't really feel like my birthday until we went for a meal in the evening but it certainly felt like my birthday then.
We went to a restaurant called 'Prezzo' which serves things like pizza and pasta and as you have already seen I had the biggest pizza ever, I don't think I will ever be able to finish a pizza there! That didn't stop me from sharing chocolate cake with Beth though.

Before I explain this story I should tell you that with my group of friends something always happens, things are never ever simple, so I should get on with this little story. We were eating away and suddenly Cathy started laughing (as pictured, how cute does she look?) basically Amy had hyper extended her finger and knocked it out of place. The funny part was that all she was doing was putting the pizza onto her fork, so that resulted in a trip to A&E for her, I did vlog it/a bit of the evening, so that may be something I upload to youtube at some point possibly. I would just like to say her finger is fine now, it's been put back into place and it provided excellent entertainment for the evening.

It was so nice to chill with my friends and just have a laugh, nothing is better then that, I also had a nice time with my family that yesterday and I just had a really good birthday. I can't believe I'm 17 now, that sounds really old.

My playsuit was from Matalan and I should be uploading a post about my make up soon.

Thank you to anyone who made me smile yesterday, I love you all.

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