Maybelline Master Blush & Bronze Palettes

It’s not very often I get excited over launches by Maybelline, however, this one really caught my eye.  Along with a vast array of products Maybelline have launched both a blush and bronzer palette. I’ve tried both out thoroughly and thought I would give you my thoughts.

What I really love about these palettes is that I haven’t seen anything similar in the highstreet at all, both palettes consist of three colour shades and one highlight shade.

Master Bronze Palette
This is my favourite of the two palettes as I think it is definitely the most wearable. The highlight almost reminds me of Champagne Pop as it has that really golden undertone to it that it’s absolutely gorgeous on the skin. This shade would also look beautiful on deeper skin tones. The palette then has 3 bronze shades, one is a little ashier and is perfectly fine for contouring, and I then like to mix the other two shades together for a bronze on the skin.

Master Blush Palette
The highlight in this palette will be much more wearable for lighter skin tones as it is a little icier rather than golden. The blush shades in the palette will not appeal to everyone as they are very bright. The blush shades are a range of mauve pink, bright pink and a much more purple blush shade. I think this palette would work really well with a tan or in the autumn as the purple shade is beautiful on the skin.

Both palettes are extremely pigmented, the powders are hard to the touch and almost feel quite stiff when swatched, however, they blend beautifully on the skin and really do hang around on the face. The palettes are priced at £12.99 and are definitely worth the higher drugstore price tag. 

I used both of these palettes in my Maybelline tutorial and I'll link that below for you so you can see them in action.

Have you tried any palettes from Maybelline, what did you think of them?

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