October Favourties 2013

October has finished really quickly, am I the only one that thinks so? Anyway, onto the favourites...

I am always surprised when I find a mascara that I like but it had happened, this is the Thick and Fast super volume mascara* by Soap and Glory, this is just a lovely mascara. As I'm sure you know, I'm ridiculously picky with mascaras but I fell in love with this, it separates the lashes amazingly as well providing nice volume. I can't praise this highly enough!

Next up is an old favourite foundation, this is MAC Studio Sculpt, I have loved this for the longest time. I am aware that a lot of people don't like MAC foundations but I think if you pick the right one and use the right amount of them, they can be great. I'd say this is a medium coverage foundation and I would recommend only using a small amount as a little goes a long way! It gives nice coverage and I always feel good when I wear it.

I'm sure that none of you are surprised to see a Real Techniques brush in my favourites (sorry for the picture of a dirty brush) they are incredible. If you saw my Real Techniques Madness post you will have seen that I purchased the core collection. In that there was the buffing brush which appears to be a blogger favourite. It has definitely become a favourite of mine, it works foundation amazingly, it is also really nice for cream blush. I just love it. I cannot recommend Real Techniques brushes enough. 

Again this is something that I've used for a long time, it is the Maybelline gel eyeliner in black. It is so good, after using this I couldn't imagine spending a lot more for gel eyeliner because this is that good. It is nice and black in colour and doesn't dry out quickly and it is surprisingly easy to use, much easier than liquid eyeliner. Let's also talk about the fact that this is only £7.99, definitely a real bargain.

Finally I have the Smoothie Star Body Milk* by Soap and Glory, this is in my favourites purely for the smell. This smells like an oatmeal cookie, words cannot describe how amazing this smells! Please go into Boots and smell this, you won't regret it.

I have also linked my October Favourites video below, you can have a little look at that if you'd like and see which of these was my forgotten favourite of the month.

What are your current favourites?

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