Discovering Max Factor | Blogmas Day 12

So as you may or may not know Boots currently have an offer on, when you spend £15 or more on Max Factor, L'Oreal or Bourjois you get a free gift set from that brand, I decided it was time to try a few things from Max Factor.

What did I spend my original £15 on, go on then, I'll tell you. I got a gorgeous lipstick in the shade Bewitching Coral and then I picked up two of the small nail polishes, I can't remember the name of these but they were the only ones of that kind of colour if you wanted to get them. They are beautiful!

For the free gift you get a large deep blue nail polish (which I actually gave away as part of a present to a friend), the waterproof false lash effect mascara which is really good and then a lipfinity lip colour which I believe is a limited edition colour.

So if you are thinking about trying products from a new brand or just want a little extra for your money, head on down to Boots whilst this is still on offer!

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