Injuries, Shopping and Happy Tweets | Someday Summary | Blogmas Day 3

How cute is my cat? I would also just like to point out that this has a very lengthy title!

 I haven't done a someday summary in a while and I really felt like doing one
 You know you get those days when you just feel lonely, today has been one of those days
 I full on walked into a table today, I'm clearly very intelligent 
 It is finally jumper weather!
 I'm sat watching Pride and Prejudice, it's a nice film
 My geography lessons always make me laugh, we have a cake rota so that we can have cake every lesson, what's better than that?
 I may have done some naughty shopping recently
 It's advent calander time again!
 Sarah-Jane (SparklySJ) just tweeted that she had done the sunshine award I tagged her to do and in the tweet she said I was beautiful, that made me smile. Thank you if you're reading this.

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