2013 Flashback

When I think about 2013 so many different things come to mind, so many things happened!

2013 saw me go through the major stress of my final GCSE exams, which I remember being the most stressful time ever and I literally counted down the days until they were over. I was so happy with my results, it definitely was a highlight of the year, so was the dinner at T.G.I's to celebrate, I have to say I much prefer A Levels in terms of only studying the subjects you want to, I remember struggling through GCSE maths so much the idea of finishing it was incredible. So far I haven't needed the torturous maths I was taught.

One of my highlights of the year was definitely prom, it was such a good way to celebrate the end of the dreaded GCSEs and in hindsight it was a goodbye to those who were going to move schools for A Levels. I struggled so much to find a dress though because I'm quite short all of the dresses were too long for me! That's what you get for being 5ft 1 I guess. Everything about the evening was good, we found a giant chess board outside and we took pictures on that and the stars were out, it was beautiful. I loved this evening so much I wrote a song about it.

I went on two holidays this year, the first and most exciting was Florida. We visited Orlando, Florida again for two weeks which was lovely. I have to say the weather was a little colder than it usually is in Florida, I ended up wearing jeans for a few of the days, that never happens. I swam with dolphins again whilst we were there, I did it a few years ago and it was incredible but also incredibly cold. The weather on the day this time was so much better and definitely made it much more enjoyable. If you ever get the chance to swim with dolphins you should. 
During the summer I went on a little week away to Weymouth, it was a pretty little sea side town and I must say the weather for England was incredible! Everybody loves a good little holiday, especially when you have one too many Starbucks during it!

The summer of 2013 was one of my favourite times in my life. I spent it with friends and I just remember having fun. This one day we were at my friend’s house, the weather was beautiful and we were playing table tennis in the garden. It was just so much fun. One night I stayed at my friend’s house and we camped in her garden and we gazed at the stars at 1 o'clock in the morning, stars are pretty! I also spent a lot of time with my family in the summer, one day I went to my Auntie's house and we sat and watched the BBC's version of Pride and Prejudice (which is about 6 hours long) whilst eating pizza and having a good old chat. 

This year my family also received incredible news, a family member of mine had been ill for 2 years and this year it was resolved and they've got better and honestly it has made me so happy. there is nothing worse than constantly worrying about somebody very close to you, I'm so relieved that chapter in their and my life is over.

I also got my own little kitten this year! He is called Pickles and he is currently curled up next to me asleep and he is beautiful. I am such a cat person and to have my own is so exciting. He is the cutest thing, ever!

I celebrated my 17th birthday in 2013, we went to a restaurant called Prezzo and it was lovely to spend the evening with those that I enjoyed spending time with. It was good.

I also started my blog this year! That was exciting, I remember having no idea what I was doing, I still don't really but I love it. I love just chatting about whatever and hearing what you guys have to say. I love blogging.

Not everything has been perfect this year, I think the area of my life that has changed the most has been friendships. I think sometimes you can hold on too long because you care about people, you think oh they didn't mean it, oh they'll make an effort next time, at some point they'll realise how they are making me feel but they never do. Some people are self-centred and have no loyalty and I've learnt that they really aren't worth your time. Sometimes you have to realise your self-worth and walk away.

Towards the end of the year my friendship with Beth (pictured above) has become incredible. She is someone that I've been friends with for years but we've become really close recently and she's amazing. When I was sad she made me smile and that's all that really matters in a friendship. 

My highlight of the year has to be seeing Girls Aloud in concert, I'm so glad I got tickets as very sadly after the tour they decided to finish as a group, but honestly this was the best night of the year. Girls Aloud's music was the first that I really took an interest in and the girls are honestly incredible. It was a night full on singing, dancing and maybe a few tears. You have to love Girls Aloud.

So that was 2013, there were really good times and really bad times but I've learnt a lot from both. I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for me.

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

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