I went to Florida! It certainly wasn't my first time there (I believe it was my 10th) but I still had an amazing time! You never realise how much you need a break until you have one.

Florida is one of my favourite places, I have so many amazing memories there so I always get super excited to go. I feel like we did new things this time as well, I went to Universal which was incredible, I found myself on the big scary rides, who knew that was going to happen? We ate at a few new places, for example the Hard Rock Cafe (Which is the coolest place), Planet Hollywood (Also cool) and the T-Rex Cafe (Much more average). 

One of the most exciting parts of the trip was, wait for it... Sephora! I'd never been before had to beg my Mum to take me there and oh my, I might do an entire post dedicated to it, I miss Sephora already.

I also took a few pictures whilst I was out there for future fashion posts, see I told you I wanted to put more fashion into the blog, which was nice because there was good lighting, it was sunny! There was this one point where I wanted to get in the queue and there were people stood by the entrance to it so I asked if they were in the queue and the lady looked at me like what the hell is a queue, turns out they don’t queue, they wait in line.

As much fun as I had I have to admit I did get a tiny bit homesick, I missed my cat and I craved a good cup of tea!

I love Florida, I love the sun (something we rarely see here in England) and I hope to go again because America is a really cool place. 

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?

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