2014 Flashback

When I first thought back over 2014, I didn’t really think much had happened, however I’ve had a lovely year and I thought I would share my memories of it with you.

One of my favourite things from the year was passing my driving test, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to just drive anywhere at any time. I must admit I was not a fan of driving lessons, in the slightest, but the freedom of driving is like nothing else.

I went back to Florida again in 2014 which made me incredibly happy; it really is one of my favourite places. I think the sunshine has a massive impact on me because the weather in the UK is mediocre at best, it’s nice escape to somewhere with rather nice weather.

I had a few new experiences whilst in the States, visiting Universal Studios was incredible, it’s really funny because I never really considered myself to be a ride kind of person, however, I’m pretty sure there was no ride I didn’t try. Additionally, I had my first Sephora experience, I begged and begged my Mum to drive us there and she finally gave in, let me just say Sephora is one of my favourite places.

2014 saw a great year for friendships, the friendships I have only got stronger and I just had a great year with friends, which for me is a rather rare experience. It was a year of laughter rather than pain and for that I am very glad.

During the year one of my friends fell rather ill and it was really tough watching him go through what he did but I’m so proud of him, his spirit never faltered and he really is a true inspiration and I’m so pleased he recovered far quicker than he was told he would. 

I turned 18 during 2014, quite the milestone eh? Instead of going out and getting drunk with my friends, I opted for a nice meal out, I don’t drink, so there was really no point in drinking for the sake of it. I received some really lovely presents from my friends and I had a lovely day. One of my friends had even gone out that morning to buy me strawberry Ribena, it is my absolute favourite, that literally made my day.

The only thing I have actually benefitted from, in terms of being 18, is being able to buy matches to light my candles. How exciting?

2014 saw a lot of parties for me which is rather unusual, but I have to be honest I loved all of them. The whole getting dressed up and seeing your friends, the music, everything, I just loved it. Plus, being the sober one at the party is great, drunk people are hilarious.

Christmas was incredible, the food was just perfect, the presents I received were just so thoughtful and lovely and I really appreciate spending the time with my family. It was also nice to have a little break from A Levels, they’re a joy, aren’t they?

I got to see Taylor Swift on her RED tour during 2014, I can’t even explain to you how much I enjoyed that. Taylor is one of my favourite people and she is a true entertainer. The night was just magical.

2014 saw a change in songwriting for me, recently I just haven’t stopped writing and the songs I’ve been producing have been some of my best. There is nothing better than putting your emotions into a song. I think for me it’s easier to write about my feelings than to tell someone about them in a conversation, there’s just something about how emotions sound in a chorus or a bridge.

I visited London a few times during 2014 which was amazing, there is something about London which is simply magical. During the most recent visit I went to Winter Wonderland, Leicester Square and also Covent Garden. I also went ice skating which was a terrifying experience. 

So that was 2014, not a bad year at all, hopefully I’ll have an even better 2015.

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015.

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