May Favourites 2013

Hello, so it's the start of June which means it's time to tell you what I have been loving through May. Let's get started ...
There were only a few stand out - I love this - type products last month, so I will talk you through the ones I have chosen.

This is the 'Color tattoo by eyestudio 24hr in 25 Bad to the Bronze' by Maybelline, I haven't seen this exact shade in the UK, I picked it up whilst I was in Florida, I think On and On Bronze is either the same or very similar though if you wanted this shade.
I have loved using this for lazy days when you just want a wash of colour, it also makes a really good base for eye shadow. It is creamy and doesn't budge throughout the day and I'm sure I will Continue to use this throughout June.

You can pick up On & On bronze HERE for £4.99

This is the 'Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream for all skin types' by The Body Shop. I use this every night. It says that it provides 'antioxidant skin repair when you sleep' and I would agree, it leaves my skin really moisturised and feeling very healthy.
It has a lovely thick creamy texture but absorbs into the skin really quickly, which is a bonus.
I have almost finished this tub and it has lasted since September which is a fair amount of time and I love it so much I have already repurchased it.
I really like the Vitamin E range by The Body Shop and I suggest checking it out because it leaves my skin feeling amazing.
It costs £11, so I know that some people won't want to pay that on a night cream and not everybody uses a night cream but if you do and you are looking for a new one I would recommend this highly.

You can pick on this night cream HERE for £11

This is the 'Studio Matt & Messy shine-free salt spray Tousled look' by L'oreal. This is actually a pretty recent purchase but I have used it so much since buying it that I couldn't not include it.
This claims to add lift and definition, I would definitely agree, I love to use this just after curling my hair, it literally makes it look like I have more hair if that makes any sense to you. You spray it into your hair and then scrunch your hair and it adds definition and lift, I love this product. It's been a while since I've used a L'oreal hair product but I think I may have to start using them again.

You can pick this sea salt spray HERE for £3.56

This is the 'Fresh picked first bloom anti-bacterial hand gel' by Bath and Body works. I picked this up whilst in Florida, but if you really want one i think you can get them shipped from the website.
This is a great product because it is small so fits in your bag nicely and unlike hand sanitisers sold in the UK it has  nice smell, oh yeah and it cleans you hands. I picked up five of these in different flavours for $5, so if you live in the states for are visiting there I would suggest getting some because they are a really useful thing to put in your bag. 

I couldn't find this exact one on the website but you can find the hand sanitisers on their website HERE if you want to go and look at the scents or even have them shipped if you want one that much.

Okay guys, those were my favourite products of May. What products have you loved recently? Do you have any of these products and love them as much as I do?

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