The Body Shop - Body Butters | Review

I thought that it was about time I review these body butters because, well I have four of them. I actually think they all may have been part of either Christmas or birthday presents because my Auntie tends to buy me things from The Body Shop as presents and I am not complaining.
The four I have are 'Japanese Cherry Blossom', 'Satsuma', 'Wild Cherry' and 'Vitamin E'.
I quite like these because they are ridiculously moisturising so you only have to use them every couple of days which is perfect if you can be lazy with moisturising your body like me.
This is the 'Wild Cherry' body butter for normal skin. This has a light pink appearance whereas the others have a white appearance.
The consistency of this body butter is a lot runnier than the others, it is a lot more like a liquid than a butter but is is incredibly moisturising. As with a lot of moisturisers it takes a short time to sink in to the skin properly but it takes less time than a lot of body moisturisers I have tried.
Obviously  as it says in the name it smells like cherries but it is a very musky scent, it is not a fresh and fruity scent, so if that is what you're after I would probably not recommend this to you. The scent is much more subtle on the skin, so is easily wearable.
This is the 200ml version which has lasted me a long time and still has a lot left, so if you will use a body butter on a regular basis and therefore will use a lot of it I would recommend it. They also have a 50ml version if you wanted one to just check into your bag.

You can pick the 200ml one (in the sale) HERE for £5.00

This is the 'Japanese Cherry Blossom' body butter for normal skin, this has a very creamy and light consistency and smells amazing.
The scent is really strong in the packaging but is more subtle on the skin, I love this scent so much that I also have the shower gel, it is very fresh and floral and I love it.
It has a smooth consistency, it is not runny, it is very creamy and leaves my skin feeling very smooth and moisturised.
This is one of the best selling body moisturisers from the body shop.

You can pick up the 200ml one HERE for £6.00

This is the 'Satsuma' body butter and shock horror it is my least favourite. The 'Satsuma' products are actually best sellers and I love this body butter for its moisturising qualities but I don't like the scent, it is very strong and not subtle on the skin at all. As I said before these were gifts so I didn't pick the scent and I know a lot of people who love this but I just don't, I do not know why, I think I'm the only person who doesn't like it but I guess we are all different.
In terms of moisturising it is incredible but if I finish it I wouldn't repurchase it purely because I'm not a massive fan of the smell, but a lot of people are, so you might love this.

You can pick up the 200ml one HERE for £13.00

This is the 'Vitamin E' body butter and it is my favourite of all four. This body butter has a neutral almost not there at all scent and I love that, as nice as it is to have a scented body butter I'm not always int he mood for one, so this is perfect.
If you have read my May Favourites post which you can find HERE you will know that I have enjoyed other products from the Vitamin E range and so I was excited to try this.
I have found that this is the most moisturising and absorbs the fastest, I love that because I hate putting on moisturiser and sitting there for ages just feeling sticky. This has a solid consistency but is creamy on the skin and I could not recommend this enough!

You can pick up the 200ml one HERE for £13.00

The body Shop have a massive range of scents for the body butters and there are a few that I would like to try out.
You can see the entire range HERE

Well that was a bit of a long blog post but I hope you liked it and it helped you somehow, I really recommend these body butters, they are fast absorbing and VERY moisturising.

Have you tried any of The Body Shop's body butters? Do you have body moisturiser that you love?

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