Revlon Lip Butters | Review

The Revlon ColorBurst lip butters have been incredibly popular. I picked up my first one a few months ago and I recently picked up another one, so I thought I'd review them for you.

The first one I picked up was '080 Strawberry Shortcake', I don't hear many people talk about this shade but I absolutely love it. It is a really pretty pink colour that is easy to wear on an every day basis. It blends into the lips nicely and feels comfortable on. They go on quite sheer but are buildable so, you could alter the intensity of your lip colour depending on your mood.
The formula of this is very creamy, this is great on the lips but not good for applying the lip butter, this lip butter broke and became very squishy, to the point that I had to put it into the fridge. The lasting power is not great, I guess it is too much to ask for a product that is creamy on the lips and lasts well but overall I like this lip butter, it is a pretty colour, easy to wear and feels light on the lips.

The next lip butter I bought was '015 Tutti Frutti', I picked this up because the colour pleased me immensely, I really liked 'Strawberry Shortcake' and I wanted to pick up another one but instead of picking up another pink or something similar, I went for an orange.

The first thing I noticed about 'Tutti Frutti' was that the formula seemed different, less of the squishy - could melt at any moment formula to more of a solid - you can apply this without worrying formula. That pleased me greatly!
Again the colour is sheer but buildable, if you want to try an orange lip product but are afraid of diving straight in with a lipstick, I suggest this. It is a very wearable orange, perfect for summer!
The lasting power is the same as 'Strawberry Shortcake', two hours maximum but what is really good about these lip butters is that they fade evenly, you don't end up with a ring around the edge of your lips.
I am absolutely in love with this colour for Summer and the light creamy formula is nice for Summer as it is not too heavy.

My only real niggle with these is that I feel they are slightly over priced, purely for the fact that you don't get very much product, so if you wanted to use this a lot you may have to repurchase a lot.

Overall I do like the Revlon lip butters and I can definitely see what the hype is about, they are a really good alternative for somebody who doesn't want to wear or doesn't like lipstick. My only tip for you would be to not leave these in your handbag on a hot day, you could have disastrous results.

Strawberry Shortcake on the left, Tutti Frutti on  the right

I believe there are 20 shades in the collection, ranging from pinks to reds to berry colours to oranges and there are even some nudes in there, so you are bound to find something for you.

I really like the packaging as you can see what shade it is without opening it, very useful if you have a lot of them, plus  I think the names are really cute.

You can pick up 'Strawberry Shortcake' HERE for £7.99
You can pick up 'Tutti Frutti' HERE for £7.99

I would recommend these lip butters and I definitely want to try a few more. There is a berry shade I have my eye on for Autumn and Winter.

Have you tried the Revlon lip butters? What is your favourite shade?

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