Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer | Review

Oh look, I'm venturing into the world of lip products a little more, how exciting.
When it comes to buying lip products the first make up stand I go to is Rimmel because if Rimmel can do one thing it is lip products. I've heard a bit about the Apocalips so I picked one up and was so impressed I went and got another.
If you're not familiar with the concept of a lip lacquer it is basically a liquid lipstick, this concept baffled me so I had to buy one just to see what people meant by that.

I'll start with the first one I purchased which is the colour '501 Stellar'. I'm not sure what came over me in the shop because I picked up a bright colour, if you would have offered me this 3 months ago I would have politely turned you down and looked for an easily wearable, less scary colour. Here we are now, picking up a bright colour immediately, what an improvement.
This shade is a very bright pink colour and when I say bright I mean bright. I would almost say on the lips it is on the verge of being slightly neon and I love it.
The consistency of these is like a very thick lip gloss, as with the Kate Moss lipsticks these are pigmented beyond belief and have amazing staying power. I wore this for 6 hours and it did not budge. It lasts reasonably well through eating and drinking, it is much better than other lip products I've tried, I was quite impressed.
The finish of this lip lacquer is kind of semi matte/slightly glossy. It is kind of a mixture of a matte lipstick and a gloss, it has the glossy effect of a lip gloss without being sticky and it has the staying power of a matte lipstick. Perfect.
After a while this dries to a matte finish and kind of becomes a stain, this makes the colour last a lot longer and in my opinion is great because you don't have to top it up every 5 minutes. I don't find these particularly drying on my lips, if you're worried about that I would suggest using a lip balm underneath, but I personally don't find it much of a problem.
This is a great colour for summer as it is bright and bold but I also think it would make a great colour for going out in the evening.

After being thoroughly impressed with 'Stellar' I was itching to pick up another colour and I decided to play it safe and I picked up the shade 'Luna'.

'Luna' is a peachy nude colour and I think I have found the perfect nude with this. I love it, this is easily wearable and it looks great on a day to day basis.
I don't think the lasting power is as good as 'Stellar' I'm not sure why that is as the formula is exactly the same but it doesn't seem to last as long. Don't get me wrong the lasting power is still impressive it just doesn't compare to the lasting power of 'Stellar'.
This looks great applied straight from the tube or blended out for a very subtle look.
I love the packaging of the Apocalips, I love the fact that the colour is on the end of the tube, so you can easily find the on you're looking for.
Let's talk about the Rimmel scent, these have exactly the same spicy fruit smell as the Kate lipsticks, personally I like the smell but I know that some people don't. I don't think the smell should affect whether you buy the product or not because once this is on the lips the smell disappears, so if you don't like the smell don't sit and smell the tube and it shouldn't bother you.

My only tip with these would be apply them with a mirror. They are so pigmented and the formula has a staining effect to it, so if you were to get this outside of your lips area it may stay there. A mirror is necessary for application. Also, you don't need to dip the applicator repeatedly into the tube, the amount that is on the applicator when you remove it from the tube is all that you need. Trust me.

   Luna on the left, stellar on the right

The Apocalips Lip Lacquers are incredibly well priced at £5.99 each, I think the quality of the product is amazing and once again Rimmel I'm left incredibly impressed by your lip products.

There are currently 8 shades available in the UK and I believe these have just been launched in the US under the name 'Show Off'.

You can pick 'Luna' up HERE for £5.99
You can pick 'Stellar' up HERE for £5.99

I definitely plan on picking up a few more, there is a red colour called 'Big Bang' that is next on my hit list, also how cute are the names, I love the theme they used.

Have you tried the Rimmel Apocalips?

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