West Midlands Safari Park

I went to West Midlands Safari park today and I'm super tired but I thought I would share a few pictures with you before I curl up in my bed with 'The Vampire Diaries' and a hot chocolate.

Basically at West Midlands Safari Park you drive through a little safari in your car and you can feed the animals before going into a small amusement/theme park area.

The safari was fun, I love seeing animals that you wouldn't find in your garden, in person, it is really funny to see how the animals react to the cars too. Some animals such as the goats ignored the cars, whereas the Ostriches ran up to the cars and if people left their windows down they would stick their head in the car to say hello.

This little guy came to say hello.
The entire time we were around the camels I had the 'Alice the camel has two humps' song stuck in my head, does anyone else remember that?
After overcoming most of my fear towards amusement rides at Alton Towers I made myself go onto some of the rides here and I had such a good time. I enjoyed them so much, the problem isn't being on the ride, it is getting myself onto the ride.

Just hanging out with an elephant ;)
Aren't the giraffes cute? I wanted to take one home with me but somehow I don't think I would have had room in the car :(

I won this little yellow duck with sunglasses at one of the little stalls where you can play games, I decided to call him Frederick.
We popped into the sweet shop on the way out and they had my absolute favourite sweets, Giant Strawberries! Admittedly they were extremely overpriced at £2.90 but they are so good I had to get some.

I had such a good day and I hope I go again sometime!

Have you been to West Midland Safari Park? What is your favourite animal to see on a safari?

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