A Rimmel Makeup Kit

A little while ago I did a Maybelline makeup kit and it went down really well, so I've done another one, this is my Rimmel makeup kit. As I'm sure you know Rimmel are one of my favourite makeup brands so I've been really excited to do this one.

1. The Match Perfect Foundation, this is actually one of my all time favourite foundations and I have a review of this coming up this month. I would say that this is a really nice foundation, especially if you are just starting out with makeup, this was my first foundation and I still use it now.

2. The Salon Pro nail polish in Sea Green, I really like Rimmel nail polishes and I love this colour.

3. The Lash Accelerator Mascara, one thing I've never really been impressed with from Rimmel are their mascaras but I've heard good things about this one.

4. The Stay Matte Pressed Powder, again this was one of my first items of makeup and I will always repurchase this. I love it because it does the job, I'm not sure what you could want from a powder that this couldn't give you.

5. The Kate Matte Lipsticks, you all know I am a MASSIVE fan of the Kate Moss lipsticks, I love the normal and matte lines and I honestly would recommend these to anyone. They have a really nice colour range and they are really inexpensive. I've done a full review of these on my blog if you'd like to read it. My favourites are 107 and 110.

6. The Bronzing Powder in Sun Glow, I've chosen this as it is a nice matte bronzer that you could contour with as well as bronze with if you wanted too.

7. The Scandaleyes Shadow Stick, I'm not a massive fan of Rimmel eye shadows but I do like this product. I know that these are very popular and are easy to work with.

8. The Apocalips Lip Lacquer, I've done a review of these, you know I love them. The pigmentation is amazing, they have a good staying power. My favourite is 'Stellar' which is a very bright pink.

The total for this Rimmel makeup kit would be £41.03

You can browse the Rimmel makeup line HERE

So those would be my picks from Rimmel, what would yours be?

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