August Favourites 2013

I have to admit I am sad that August has ended because it means that school is next month :( Anyway, let's get on with my favourites.

I discovered the Tangle Teezer this month, what a discovery. My hair gets very knotty and brushing it can be extremely painful but this has made brushing my hair much less of a task. This has definitely made a difference and I would recommend this to anyone who has long hair or knotty hair.

You can pick up the Tangle Teezer HERE for £10.99

I have been really enjoying the Rimmel Apocalips this month, I have the shades 'Stellar' and 'Luna'. They stay on a really long time, they are really pigmented, basically they are a really nice alternative to lipstick. They're inexpensive too, barginous.

You can purchase the Rimmel Apocalips HERE for £6.49
You can find my review HERE

August has been a month of not really wearing very much makeup, I've had a lot of makeup free days but when I've worn makeup this is the foundation I've worn. This is the Covergirl natureluxe foundation, this is a really nice -I'd say medium coverage foundation- and I really like it.
Why can't we buy Covergirl products in the UK? :(

This is the real Techniques blush brush and I've put this in my favourite purely because it is the softest brush ever. I use this for bronzer and it works really nicely. I rate Real Techniques brushes VERY highly and their affordable too.

You can pick this up HERE for £9.99

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this product before but this is the VO5 give me texture dry texturising spray and I love it. I only use this when my hair is curly, whether I let my hair dry naturally and it curls or if I curl it, this just makes it look like you have a lot more hair the you do. I'm not sure if that made sense but this is a must for curly hair.

You can pick this up HERE for £3.89

Those were my favourites of August, what were yours?

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