My Topshop Lust List

Hello everyone :)

When I was younger I couldn't understand the hype around Topshop but recently I've been really impressed by their offerings and so I thought I'd share with you my current Topshop lust list.

1. The cream embellished knit sweater, I saw this a couple of weeks ago whilst in Topshop and I fell in love with it. The detail on the shoulder is beautiful and the material was SO soft.

You can pick this up HERE for £46.00

2. The black heeled boots, again I have wanted these for so long but I have never actually purchased them. I love the design of them, the zip detail is gorgeous. The heel isn't too big either, you could easily wear these all day.

You can pick these up HERE for £45.00

3. The embellished prom dress, can we just take a second to marvel over how beautiful this is? I adore this dress, I love the colour and the detail on the top half is incredible, it is so sparkly. This is the type of dress that you put on and feel amazing in. Part of me wishes I had a reason to purchase this but sadly I don't.

You can pick this up HERE for £75.00

4. The berry red skinny trousers, I am obsessed with the colour of these. I put these on the list purely for the colour, I think it is my favourite colour. They also have really nice detailing at the knee, a panel of quilted fabric, and the zips look nice too. Basically I would love to own these trousers.

You can pick these up HERE for £38.00

5.  The panelled grey cardigan, I am a massive fan of a comfortable cardigan and I love grey clothing so this is a great item of clothing. I love the fact that there are two different shades of grey (I totally just thought of fifty shades of grey, p.s. I haven't read it) I think this will be really nice for Autumn.

You can pick this up HERE for £36.00

6. The little black boots, I love boots for Autumn and Winter because I get cold really easily so I like to wear boots to keep my feet warm. You can't really go wrong with a nice pair of black boots, they go with a lot of things.

You can pick these up HERE for £40.00

Those were my favourite items from Topshop's current offerings, what have you loved from Toshop recently?

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