November Favourites 2013 | Blogmas Day 1

I haven't blogged very much recently, so I thought to make up for it I would do Blogmas, where I (attempt) to upload a post everyday up-to and including Christmas day and I thought I would start that with my November favourites.

This is the L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 purifying Micellar solution, when this came out everybody said it was an amazing dupe for Bioderma (which I have yet to get my hands on) so I thought I would give it a go, considering it was around the £4-£5 mark. This is great it takes off makeup well, including waterproof mascara, and it left my skin feeling really soft and even hydrating. I've nearly finished mine now, I've got even less than what's in the picture, I will definitely repurchase this at some point.

This is the Rimmel Lycra Pro nail varnish in 393 Desire, I've done an entire post on this so I won't rattle on about it for too long but it is the perfect Autumn colour. I love it, it's a really deep burgundy colour and it's inexpensive. What could be better?

I put this in a favourites a couple of months ago and it's back, I use this everyday, I don't know what I did without it now. This month I've been loving using the shade 'Faint' for my eyebrows but in general this is a great everyday palette, I definitely think it's worth the £20 price tag.

This is the original version of Batiste, which is a dry shampoo. This is great for adding volume into your hair or for its original purpose of refreshing your hair. Perfect for when you’re pushed for time and you're in between washes. Definitely a necessity.

Finally, I have a brush for you, this is the 17 eyes brush*. I got this as part of a present last year in a set of brushes from 17 and this is seriously amazing, I use it for my eyebrows but it's also small enough to be used to line my eyes with eyeshadow. Who knew such a cheap brush could be so good?

So those were my favourites, what were yours?

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