Taylor Swift | The RED Tour

If you read my Taylor Swift perfume review you will know that I was going to see Taylor’s RED tour on the 2nd of February and I thought I would let you guys know what it was like.

I am a massive fan of Taylor, I believe the term is ‘Swiftie’, so when my friend text me and asked me if I wanted to go and see Taylor at the o2 I jumped at the chance. What was nice about it being at the o2 was that it gave me the chance to experience London as prior to this I had never been! London in itself was an experience.

Onto Taylor, the whole night is a massive blur to be honest because I just had so much fun. We got to go into the 02 priority lounge which was amazing because it meant that we skipped the huge queues to get in, had a cloakroom to put our coats and bags in so we didn’t have to have them by our feet and we had our own entrance into the area. How fancy?

The show itself was insane; the suspense you felt waiting for the curtain to drop was too much! What I loved about the how was that you really got to experience a range of emotions, from really happy songs such as ‘Sparks Fly’ which she sang as she flew over the audience to ‘All Too Well’ which she sang, very emotionally whilst playing piano, it was incredible. She really is a true artist, she played so many instruments, countless acoustic guitars, electric guitars, banjos, piano, a bit of drums half way through ‘Holy Ground’, and she certainly is talented.

It was really nice to hear the story behind some of the songs such as ‘Mean’ and specifically ‘Fifteen’ which was the surprise song of the night which she sang in the middle of the arena, which she had said had been requested by someone she had met at a meet and greet the day before. She really added a personal element to the show.

She also brought out a surprise guest who was Sam Smith whose first single ‘Money On My Mind’ which they sand was released yesterday and went to number 1 was amazing. I have to admit though I am jealous of the night she brought Danny from The Script out, that would have been a dream to watch.

Overall, if you want a night of pure entertainment, lights, dancing, loud singing, fireworks and happiness then go to a Taylor show. I certainly hope I get tickets for her next tour.


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