The Everyday Eyeshadow

Everyone has that eyeshadow that they always go back to, this is mine. Whenever I’m doing my makeup I reach over to grab an eyeshadow and this seems to be my go-to.

This is my only MAC eyeshadow, yes I know I need more, it is in the shade Woodwinked. I originally bought this to wear to prom and now I wear it all the time.

It is a really pretty shimmery gold colour, I just love it. It is really nice because when you blend it out it darkens is your crease so you don’t need to add another eyeshadow. Yes I know, amazing!

I’ve been using this for ages and I’ve barely dented it, it is just so pretty. I think I should also point out that it looks so much prettier on that it does in the pan, you can’t see the full magic of it in the pan.

The next time you’re near a MAC counter please at least swatch this, it is the prettiest eyeshadow ever and blends like a dream.

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