Nail Painting Rules

Painting my nails is something I’ve never been particularly good at until recently and so I thought I’d share with you my tips for easy painting.

1.    Don’t Sweat It – if you go wrong you can take it off and start again, it is not a big deal

2.    Use the Brush – if you are an Essie lover like myself you will know that the brushes are amazing and instead of doing lots of little strokes use the full width of the brush, it makes a big difference

3.    Use a Base and Top Coat – this makes things easier in terms of removing nail polish as your natural nails won’t be stained but also the combination of using both should help to keep your nail polish intact for longer

4.    Take Your Time – a simple but important tip, with speed comes accuracy so the slower you are and the more concentration you put into it, the neater your nails will be

I hope those tips will help you if, like me, painting your nails is a task you don’t look forward too.

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