Tarte | The Best Blushers Ever

I am not a blush person, I have rosy cheeks and therefore the idea of adding blusher to that scares me a little. Occasionally I find a product that I love and I become obsessed with it and of course it won’t be easily available in the UK, I make life easy for myself don’t I?

After hearing so much about the Tarte blushes I decided to pick up one (or two) whilst in Sephora.
The first shade I picked up was Fearless, the pink one, because it looked like a beautiful, everyday blush, which it is. This is the, I don’t know what to wear but I want to wear a blusher, blush. I just love it.

The second shade I picked up was Tipsy, the orange one, this is just the most beautiful, instantly makes you look healthy blush.  Who doesn’t want that? It just perks up my entire face and I love it.

I love everything about these blushers, the packaging is beautiful, I love the fact that you can see what colour you’re picking up from the packaging, such a simple but good idea.  

I just wish they were properly available in the UK!

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