High Street or High End: Eye Primers

High Street vs. High End is a never ending debate in the beauty world so I thought I would start a little series comparing different aspects of makeup. I thought I would kick it off with eye primers.

High Street

No7 Stay Perfect Smoothing and Brightening Eye Base - £7.00
This has a really light, almost silky formula and applies evenly and nicely to the lid. In terms of prolonging eyeshadow wear I definitely think it helps but also I think it makes the eyeshadow look nicer once on because it gives it a nice base. I also like this for non-eyeshadow days just all over the lid because it has a brightening formula it helps to make you look more awake.

High End

 Urban Decay Primer Potion - £18.00
Here we have a cult classic and I can see why. I really like this, it has a very think creamy formula which some people might not like but I really do because it creates the perfect even base for your eyeshadow. It prevents creasing amazingly and a little goes a long way. A little heads up, the one pictured is the mini which is £10.00 but the price for the full size is £18.00.

Overall I think both options are great, I do think I prefer the Urban Decay offering because I think it prolongs eyeshadow wear more than the No7 one does and also the packaging is just that bit more hygienic (very important), however both are really nice and for everyday use the No7 offering is perfect. 

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