Sephora Wishlist

One of my favourite places to shop for makeup is Sephora but we don’t have one in the UK so instead of purchasing these items I’ve ended up with a huge lust list instead and I thought I’d show you a few of the items that I really want…

Tarte amizonian clay eyeshadow palette v1 – doesn’t this look pretty? It looks like the perfect shimmery neutrals palette – I want it

Formula x nail polish in infatuated – everyone and their cat raves about these nail polishes and I really want to try one, plus this colour is rather pretty

Sephora cream slip stain 01 – Amelia, Anna and Lily (some of my fav youtubers) have all declared their love for this pretty little lip stain and who doesn’t want a lip product that will last forever

Georgio Armarni Si rollerball – firstly I love this scent and secondly it’s a rollerball, why are these not available in the UK? They would be perfect handbag essentials

Makeup forever aqua cream in 13 – Gabby (VelvetGhost) uses this in a lot of her tutorials and it looks like the perfect champagne shade, plus 13 is my lucky number

Tarte Amizonian Clay Blush in Exposed – I already have two of these blushers and I love them, plus exposed is the most perfect subtle colour

So to any of you that have constant access to a Sephora, you are very lucky, to be honest it is probably best for my bank balance that I have to go abroad to visit Sephora or else I would probably live in there.

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