Lush Haul

Lush is one of my favourite places, there is nothing I love more than a good bath; the other day I popped in to get Snow Fairy and picked up a few more things than that.

1.    Snow Fairy Shower Gel – this smells like cotton candy, it is the nicest pink glittery concoction you will ever come across, it makes me so sad that it only comes out at Christmas time
2.    Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb - this is a permanent product but oh my goodness, the scent, it smells like refreshers. Plus I can see little hints of colour in there
3.    Luxury Christmas Pud Bath Bomb – I honestly cannot describe the scent of this, it is just lovely but it’s an unusual option for me because it doesn’t have the typical very sweet scent. Can we just look at the design, it is beautiful
4.    Snow Fairy Sparkle Shimmer Bar – this smells incredible, obviously, but can we just look at how cute it is. It’s a little pink fairy!
5.    Magic Wand Bubble Bar – this has a lovely sweet scent and the bells on it are adorable. Plus you can use it more than once!
6.    Bubblegum Lip Scrub – a classic, its such a good scrub and I am obsessed with the scent

So those were the bits I picked up, I did a haul video which I will insert for you, lush is just incredible at Christmas time.

You can find the Lush Christmas range HERE

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