Nars Virtual Domination Palette

I received the new Nars palette for Christmas and since then I have not put it down.

This was the first time I’d tried any of the powder products, in terms of blusher, bronzer and highlighter, from Nars and I was not disappointed. It would be fair to say that Nars are my favourite brand and this palette just confirmed that.

Once of my favourite things about this palette is that it has two limited edition, previously released, blush shades in it which is nice if you have most of the classics and want to try new shades. I am currently obsessed with the ‘sex fantasy’ blush, it is a beautiful baby pink and work well with everything. This was my first opportunity to try Laguna and wow, it is so good. I can’t imagine using any other bronzer for a while now, the shade is incredible, it warms the face and contours. I love this palette.

The packaging is a little different, it has a beautiful almost snowflake design on the front, rather than the usual matte black rubber type material which is great because it means that it is easier to clean.

I love everything about this palette, the pigmentation is good, the colour selection is great, I can’t fault it. 

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