Letting Go

I think its human nature to hold onto things. When you’re a child you hold onto your mother’s leg or a teddy bear and when you grow up you hold onto friendships or relationships and letting go is a concept which you can’t seem to grasp. Sometimes we hold onto things which we know we should let go of, it’s like that pair of jeans which have a hole in them yet you still don’t throw them away.

I think we become comfortable in situations and so even when we’re treated badly we still reject the idea of change because it’s scary and it’s unknown.

It’s all very well people telling you that you should let go or move on but it’s not something you can do until you are personally ready too. This is something which I’ve encountered recently. I found myself reaching for my best friend just to find that she wasn’t there. I think in these situations its right to put yourself first and leave. Yes change is scary, yes the loss of a friendship is painful but it’s nothing worse than what you experience being where you’re not meant to be.

Letting go is like taking a deep breath after holding your breath under water for too long. Refreshing and necessary.

Please don’t hold onto the things that hurt you. Let go. 

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