The Affordable Eyeshadow Palette That Rocks

I think that you can find good eyeshadows on the highstreet but I feel like palettes are not done as well. Wet & Wild, on the other hand, do palettes really well.

This is the ‘Walking on Eggshells’ palette and I’m obsessed. It’s a shimmery palette; so if you don’t like shimmer it’s not one for you, but honestly it’s so good. The pigmentation is very good and it rivals the pigmentation from brands such as Bobbi Brown.

I love the colours in this because they really open up the eye and make you look wide awake. They are also neutral so they go with everything. It’s one of those palettes you can use when you don’t know what to use.
I honestly can’t recommend this enough; the best part is that it’s so affordable.

Have you tried Wet & Wild before?

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