Brands On My Hit List

I find that sometimes I get stuck in a rut and only use makeup from certain brands, cough, NARS, cough. This gets boring though and sometimes it’s exciting to try new things and here are a few brands that I really want to try.

Charlotte Tilbury

This brand was created by Charlotte who is a makeup artist and has created a range of high quality and quite frankly beautiful products. The Film Star Bronze and Glow is calling out for me. It’ too pretty. I feel like I haven’t tried this brand because it’s slightly pricier but the eyeshadows and lipsticks look very, very appealing. Plus I have heard incredible reviews of the products.

Too Faced

My interest in this brand largely comes from Kathleen Lights, who has an incredible Youtube channel and talks about this brand quite a lot. Quite frankly anything she talks about I’m interested in. Too Faced do the prettiest palettes and well I need them. I really want to try the chocolate bar palette and also the natural matte palette. Watch this space.


Those powders though. The ambient powders, blushers and bronzers are so highly raved about that I seriously want to try them. I am also interested in their eyebrow pencil and the new eyeshadow palettes. A pricey but beautiful brand.

Have you tried these brands? What is your favourite product they sell?

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