The January Detox Mask

If you’re anything like me, January is a pretty rough time for your skin, too many late nights and Christmas chocolate eventually take their toll. It tends to be around this time of year that I dig out all of my favourite deep cleansing facemasks and give them a go again.

It was when I started shopping my stash again that I realised I’d never reviewed this for you. L’Oreal, not too long ago, released a collection of 3 face masks: a detox one, a purifying one and a radiance one.

The one that really packs a punch is the detox one, it’s definitely my favourite and so I thought I’d share my views with you. It’s meant to combine 3 ‘pure clays’:  Koalin, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul. So what does that mean? Well you use it the same way you would any other face mask, a nice thin layer for 10 minutes, two to three times a week. It’s meant to be different as it absorbs all of the excess rubbish in your skin and is full of minerals which draw out the imperfections leaving the skin looking much healthier.

They retail for £7.99 but you can always find them on offer, I believe I bought the two I have for £5 each which is pretty darn good. The packaging recommends that you can get 10 masks out of the pot, however, I feel that you can get much more use than is stated.

Overall, I absolutely love this mask, it just makes my skin much clearer and is a really good price. It’s so refreshing to find a mask that is this good in the drugstore.

Have you tried this mask, what is your favourite detox mask?

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