Tanya Burr Neutral Ambience Collection

 It’s been a while since Tanya has released products but she has finally released more; enter the Neutral Ambience collection.  The collection is small but well thought out and put together and comprises of two eyeshadow palettes and two lipsticks.


This is the warmest of the two palettes and has pineapples all over it, how can you not adore it? Both of the palette has four shades and are housed in Tanya’s tradition cardboard packaging with a heart-shaped mirror. The reason I love this palette is due to how warm it is, the three shimmery shadows are all pink toned with a bronze tone running underneath. They are gorgeous! The palette also has one matte brown shade which is perfect for the crease and would pull the other shades in the palette together nicely.


This palette is so exciting due to its uniqueness; I haven’t seen any other similar palette on the high-street. I’ve wanted to try green toned eyeshadows for a while but I’ve never found any affordable enough to take the risk. The reason I love this palette so much is that it’s not overly green, all of the shades have a warm undertone which make them completely wearable. This palette has two shimmery shades, one champagne and one khaki green and two matte shades, one dark green and one a charcoal black. I also love the addition of the leaves on the outer packaging and on the shadows themselves, it’s so cute.

The eyeshadow palettes retail for £5.99 which for an eyeshadow quad with a mirror is pretty good. The packaging is adorable and I love the fact that they are both unique and easily identifiable. One thing to note is that the pineapple and leaf print on the shadows themselves comes off once swatched but it’s nothing that is majorly concerning. The pigmentation on the shimmery shades is incredible and rivals that of Mac and Too Faced. I will say that the weakest part of the palettes is the pigmentation of the matte shades, though easily workable they just don’t compare to the shimmery shades.


Bear Hug is the peach toned nude lipstick and is so gorgeous. It is very wearable and is a good choice is you aren’t a fan of the whole 90s lip trend. The pigmentation is really nice and the lipsticks sit so comfortably on the lips. I feel like my lipstick stash has been missing this shade.


This is the perfect pink shade, not as bright as Central Park which is another of Tanya’s lipsticks and so is much more wearable on an everyday basis. This would be the perfect pink toned nude with a little bit more colour to it. I would highly recommend this shade, plus Tanya’ lipsticks are only £6.99!

So that is the Neutral Ambience collection, I will link and unboxing and first impressions video I’ve done for the collection below.

Are you going to try this collection? I adore it


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