University, Holiday Shopping & Magic | Someday Summary

I’ve finally finished my 2nd year at university. All 5 assignments and 3 exams completed and passed. Honestly it’s such a relief to have finished such a difficult year, I’m so excited to have a break and then get back to start my 3rd and final year.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last week planning blog posts and videos. Both always take a step back around exams but now I have more time to put into both, I’m planning for 3 videos and 2 blog posts a week.

We said goodbye to Magic our cat who we’ve had for 17 years this week which has been really difficult. I know it is better that she isn’t in pain anymore but I really miss her and it’s just been a really upsetting time.

I did a (not so little) trip to Primark to get some bits I needed for holiday and I am definitely going to film a Primark haul because they are one of my favourite videos to film and not something I do very often.

We leave for holiday the day this post goes live, James and I are heading to Lanzarote which is not somewhere I have been before and I’m so excited to have a week where we can both relax. I honestly don’t remember the last time I went on a pool holiday and I’m surprisingly excited about it, I just need to pick which books I want to take with me.

I have finally finished watching Reign which is a historical drama on Netflix which I have been absolutely obsessed with and waiting week by week for an episode has been torture. It’s one of those shows I love so much that as soon as I finished the (heartbreaking) finale I went straight back to the beginning and started watching it again (I actually have it on as I’m writing this post). I would highly recommend giving it a watch, it’s really great.

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