Blushing with L'Oreal

I’ve had these blush palettes for a little while now and I haven’t heard many people talk about them online so I thought I would give them a little shout-out.

They come in two shades, pinks and ambers. Each palette contains 5 blush shades contained in long, slim plastic packaging. The packaging is pretty sturdy for the drugstore and I just think it looks like a pretty professional product.

My favourite of the two palettes is the ambers one, purely because I feel like there is a wider colour selection inside. The ambers palette is much warmer, most shades contain shimmer which I quite like as it really lifts the face and isn’t chunky at all so it’s a nice added touch. The colour in this palette range from a light pink champagne to a rich copper which looks beautiful on the skin.

The pinks palette contains really wearable shades for everyday, the shades in this palette have more of a sheen rather than a shimmer so they appear more natural on the skin. The one thing I think this palette lacks is variety in terms of shade range but apart from that it’s pretty nice.

The palettes claim to be long wearing, however, they last the same as any other blush but they are really pigmented and nice to use. The palettes are overpriced for the shade range contained, that being said, the products themselves perform really well and it’s nice to have the shades all in one place.

The palettes retail for £14.99 and can be found HERE

Have you tried these L'Oreal blush palettes, if not do they interest you at all?


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