Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit - Surreal Light

Hourglass is an expensive brand and so I don’t often buy things from them, however, I have lusted after this palette for the longest time and James was kind enough to buy it as a surprise a couple of months ago.

We’ll start with the obvious the packaging is insanely beautiful. It’s completely marble and is honestly gorgeous, it just looks so luxurious when it’s sat out on your dressing table, or marble side tables. I will say, however, that the palette is so much smaller than it appears online and for the money I honestly don’t think you get that much for your money, but it’s so beautiful.

In the palette you get one large face powder, two blushers, one bronzer and one highlighter. After hearing so much about Hourglass highlighters I was a little disappointed by the one in the palette as it didn’t hang around on my face for as long as I would have wanted it to which is a little annoying. The face powder is lovely, it gives the skin a real all over glow whilst setting everything nicely at the same time. The blushers are really pigmented and last a long time on the skin, which blush doesn’t usually on me, and I love the colour selection included in the palette. My favourite product in the palette is the bronzer, it is just beautiful! The colour is absolutely perfect and it gives just the right amount of bronze to the skin. It has honestly become one of my favourite all time bronzers.

I honestly don’t know how you can justify £69 on a palette the size of this one and I don’t know if you can ever really say that it is worth it. That being said, the palette is gorgeous, the products perform well and it’s nice to have. It’s one of those products that is a very lovely present but you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself.

You can find this palette HERE for £69.00

What is your favourite Hourglass Palette?

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