My Beauty Advent Calendar - Estee Lauder

I thought I’d do a little post about the beauty advent calendar I’ve bought for myself this year. Last year I had the most amazing beauty one, I think it was L’Oreal – it was full of Victor and Rolf, YSL, Lancôme – it was amazing. I was very lucky to receive that as a present from my boyfriend and I just knew that I didn’t want to go through December without the same amount of joy every morning and so I spent a fair amount of time looking into what was available and settled on two.

I finally settled on the Estee Lauder calendar. Let me start by saying that this was extremely expensive, £125 to be exact, but I love it. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to justify the price and yet I’m so excited for it. It arrived in a huge black box, bubble-wrapped and smelt incredible. I can’t tell you what’s in it because I’m trying to keep it a surprise but quick google will fill you in.

The calendar has a £197 value -  I don't think you really save that much in terms of how expensive it actually is and I would never be able to justify the price of this and yet I'm in love. I also really appreciate that there's 25 days and not 24 or 12, I think it makes Christmas day a little more special.

 Firstly, the packaging is beautiful and extremely sturdy, I’m 100% going to keep this for next year and fill it with chocolates because it’s so beautiful. I’m pretty sure this is sold out because I had a hard time getting hold of it on its day of release. I’m not sure what’s inside, I tried to only have a quick look to see if it was worth getting but as far as I know it is full of products from the Estee Lauder companies such as Clinique, Glam Glow and Bumble and Bumble. I will do a post at the end of December so you can have a look at the kind of products and sizes you get included in case you want to buy next year’s version.

Did you buy a beauty calendar this year, if so, which one did you get?

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