Real Techniques Brush Crush Collection

Any Real Techniques launch is hugely exciting to me and so when I saw the Brush Crush collection I knew I had to buy it all. For some reason I think you can never have enough makeup brushes, plus, these have beautiful glittery handles. The collection is designed to be ‘instagrammable’ and is also limited edition. I bought the entire collection and so I thought I’d talk you through the different brushes.

Real Techniques - Brush Crush 301 Complexion - £12.99
This is my favourite brush of the collection, it’s a very large but dense foundation brush, and is entirely different to anything I already use. It makes doing a face of foundation really quick and also blends the base makeup really well.

Real Techniques - Brush Crush 300 Powder - £12.99
Who doesn’t love a big, fluffy powder brush? The shape makes it easy to finish your makeup of quickly, but, I also quite enjoy putting bronzer on this this sometimes as its nice and big and blends the pigment out well.

Real Techniques - Brush Crush 302 Blush - £12.99
This brush is designed to apply blush just to the apples of the cheeks, personally I don’t like to use this with a very pigmented blush as it’s not really a blending brush. That being said, if you like the Bold Metals blush brush, you’ll like this one.

Real Techniques - Brush Crush 303 Flat Contour - £12.99
Again, this brush is very similar to its bold metal counter-part but retails for less money which is always a plus. It’s great for applying really precise contour and carving out cheek bones.

Real Techniques - Brush Crush 304 Fan - £12.99
As far as I know this is the first fan brush RT have done and I love it for applying highlighter exactly where I want it, it makes application a dream. Plus, I’m pretty sure I end up using less product with this brush.

Real Techniques - Brush Crush 305 Shadow - £9.99
You can never have enough eyeshadow brushes and this is the perfect shape for blending out colours in the crease.

Real Techniques - Brush Crush Diamond Sponge - £9.99
I can see no difference between this sponge and the bold metals one which is more expensive. It’s great as it has many different surfaces to blend makeup on different parts of the face and I really get a lot of use out of this.

It is worth noting that is says volume 1 on the back of the packaging of all the brushes and I’m hoping that means there’s a volume 2 on the way. As already said, a few of these brushes are very similar to the bold metals collection and if you already own them from that collection, you definitely don’t need these as well, that being said, there’s a few unique and exciting brushes in this collection I would 100% recommend.

What is your favourite Real Techniques collection?

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