Alton Towers

I recently went on a trip to Alton Towers with my school as a year 11 leavers type activity.
I have to be honest rides terrify me so I was a little apprehensive about going but I have to be honest I was just looking forward to spending the day with my friends and doing school work!

The second picture is of me and my friend Amy who has said she will start a blog soon which is very exciting, as I stated I am scared of rides, so we took this picture whilst our friends were on a ride.
Whilst we were watching the ride I realised that - apart from dying - I had nothing to lose by going on the ride. Sometimes i find that I put barriers up to stop myself from doing things that I could do.
I decided that I wasn't going to let pieces of metal control me and I dragged myself onto rides.
It was so funny, Amy convinced me to go onto 'Air' as my first ride and for the entire start of the ride I was sat there telling her that we were no longer best friends, (I was joking) but do you know what, I loved it.
I loved the rides.
I found that saying YES to things allowed me to have such a fun time and it's something that I am going to try to do more often.
I had to take a picture with this as 13 is my lucky number, it was very fitting.
Whilst we were there it rained, which wasn't good as we got a little drenched, but as it was raining and it was a Thursday it mean that rides that would normally have an hour wait took us five minutes.
I liked the lack of waiting time very much!

I thought that this was a very 'Pride and Prejudice' spot to take a picture, don't you think?

I thought that I would just let you know what I was wearing.
Top - Charlotte Russe
Hoodie - H&M
Jacket - Superdry
Jeans - American Eagle
Shoes - Toms

Over all I had a really nice day, it was such a nice way to just have fun with my friends and go on scary rides, I wish I could show you all of the ride pictures, I make some very, shall we say, interesting faces on rides.

When was the last time you let you hair down and had fun? Do you remember the last time you pushed yourself to do something new?

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