EOS Lipbalm | Review

Whilst I was in America I was very excited to pick up a few of these little things ...

 Now to anyone to lives in the US and can get hold of these anytime, it is not exciting but, they always say you want what you can't have. I have seen these little lip balms in so many people's 'what's in my bag' videos and they're just something that I wanted to try because I have a little obsession with lip balm.

 Firstly can I just say the packaging of this is adorable! It looks like an egg, what is better than that?
Whenever I pull this out of my bag my friends are always a little confused over what it is which makes me smile.
I ended up getting the 'Summer Fruit' lip balm because in the Walmart I was in they only had the Summer Fruit one or a 'Sweet Mint' one and I despise mint (yes I know that it really strange), so I had to go for the 'Summer Fruit' one.
I love it, it's a good little lip balm, it's moisturising initially, in my opinion the more you use it the less moisturising it is, I was a little disappointed with that, I don't think it lives up to the hype completely as after a few uses it just sits on the lips and doesn't particularly do much.
The flavours it comes in are:
Pomegranate Raspberry
Strawberry Sorbe
Summer Fruit
Sweet Mint
Honeysuckle Honeydew
Medicated Tangerine
Lemon Drop

 I really wish they sold these in the UK because I would love to try out the different flavours to see if they are any better, I would say that this product has a nice scent and good packaging but there are better lip balms on the market.

Have you tried any of these lip balms?

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