Kate Moss lipsticks for Rimmel | Review

I am not a massive fan of my lips at all, normally I just forget about them when doing my make up because I just don't like them.
Recently I had a little brain wave, I thought that instead of ignoring my lips I could try different products to make them look nice because normally I don't even look at the lip section of make up stands.

I'm glad I had this idea.
I have had one of these lipsticks for a little while and loved it, so I thought I would pick up another. They are both Kate Moss lipsticks, which have been around for a while now and had countless reviews but I thought I would give you my opinions on them.
This is shade 08 from the 'Lasting Finish by Kate Moss' collection, as I'm sure you are all aware by now I normally only buy one of a product to try it before buying more from the range, so that's what I did here.
I picked this up because it is fairly similar to my natural lip colour and I picked this up a little while ago, back when I was afraid of any colour, so I was looking for a match for my lip colour.
This is pretty close, it basically enhances my natural colour, it has a fruity but a little spicy smell, which disappears immediately when on the lips so it shouldn't really bother people, I quite like the smell.
This shade has a slight shimmer to it which is pretty and applies smoothly to the lips.
The lasting power of this lipstick is about average, it doesn't fade easily but it doesn't last forever either, as long as you are willing to top it up a few times throughout the day it is fine.
My favourite thing about this lipstick is the pigmentation, the colour on the lips is true to the colour in the tube, amazing!

I didn't think you could get such amazing pigmentation for the price, amazing!
The second and newest edition to my lip products if number 107 from the 'Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss' collection. Now I had never tried a matte lipstick or a red lipstick before so I thought I might as well try both at the same time.
This is a very deep, vampy red/plumb and I love it. I have wanted to try a red lip for so long but I've always been a little scared, but I just thought that's it, I'm going to try it!
I know a lot of people find matte lipsticks very drying on the lips but this really is not that bad, I always tend to put a lip balm underneath a lipstick anyway, but even without one this is not drying on the lips.
As far as the matte finish goes I think you either love it or hate it, I love it.
This lipstick has a similar smell to the other one but is slightly more spicy but again you cannot smell it on the lips and again I like the smell. It applies nice and smoothly which is a bonus.
 This lipstick has longer staying power than the first one, I don't know whether it is because it is matte or not, but it stays on like a champ, I was really impressed.
Once again the pigmentation of this lipstick is INCREDIBLE, I am so impressed by them. The colour again is true to the tube, which is good because it is annoying when you buy something and the colour is completely different on.
The surprising thing about these lipsticks is the price, they are only £5.49, which for the quality of the product is fantastic.
I would definitely recommend these, I will certainly be picking a few more up myself.
08 on the left, 107 on the right

There are 11 shades available in the 'Lasting Finish' collection and 5 shades available in the 'Lasting Finish Matte' collection, both ranging from light to dark shades, so there is something for everybody. There is also the 'Kate Spring Lipstick' collection which as of yet I have not tried but I hope to.

You can pick up shade 08 HERE for £5.49
You can pick up shade 107 HERE for £5.49

I will definitely be trying more lip products, it turns out that my lips are not that bad.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks?

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