Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette | Review

The 'Naked' palettes are raved about by so many people and yet I do not own either of them, they are products that I have always wanted to try but have never got around to. Enter the 'Naked Basics Palette' the perfect way to try Urban Decay eye shadows.
My friend and I were in town and I dragged her into Debenhams with me because I really wanted to see the product, I was debating between buying this or the cat top, I bought this and thankfully bought the top at a later date, I have a whole blog post about that which you can find HERE.
The sales assistant was lovely and not pushy, it really annoys me when you are browsing and they keep pestering you, she even spent 5 minutes searching through boxes looking for samples of the primer potion to give to me which was nice (I used the sample for prom).
When I first got this palette I didn't use it a lot because I purchased 'Woodwinked' from M.A.C shortly after which I have become obsessed with but recently I have fallen in love with these eye shadows.
You get 6 shadows in the palette, 5 matte, one shimmery shade which is called 'Venus' and they are perfect to create an everyday eye look.
These eye shadows are so pigmented and make blending a dream, the quality of them is very impressive and this palette has convinced me at some point I will have to get the 'Naked' palettes.
Shades left to right, Crave, Faint, Naked 2, Walk Of Shame, Foxy,Venus.

One thing I really like about this product is the packaging, it is small and compact, perfect for handbags and it comes with a big mirror, perfect for on the go application or touch ups.

How do I wear the eye shadows?

1- I mix 'Walk Of Shame' and 'Foxy' and sweep that across the lid
2- I use the matte black 'Crave' to line my lashes
3- I use 'Naked 2' mixed with a little bit of 'Faint' in the crease
4- I use 'Venus' as an inner corner and brow bone highlight
5- I use 'Faint' in the outer corner and for my eyebrows, it is the perfect colour!

You can pick this up HERE for £20.00

I love this palette and I'm so glad I picked it up, if you prefer shimmery shades this probably is not for you but if you want one product to create an everyday look I would highly recommend this to you. If you're anything like me, and you love your neutral colours, this is something I think would fit perfectly into your make up routine!

So that is my review of the palette and how I use the shadows, I hope you enjoyed it.

Have you tried this palette, what did you think of it? Do you own the Naked palettes?

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