Hi everyone!
I was just sat reading comments that people have left on my blog (THANK YOU) and they really made me smile. I thought that for my 40th blog post -where has the time gone?- I would just have a little chat with you.

I think sometimes we get really caught up with things that may be going on around us that we forget to stop and appreciate the little things, the things that really make you smile.

At the start of the Summer I had 15 exams, I can safely say I was very stressed and I don't remember smiling once during exam time. Sometimes there is so much pressure on us, not just from other people but from ourselves and we can get caught up in the moment and not really enjoy what is going on around us.

Sometimes you get let down by friends, or you might have an argument with your brother or you might just be in a bad mood and you just don't feel great. That is when you need to smile.

I think we all have to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves, say yes to new things, do things that you want to do, not that you feel pressured to do. I know from personal experience that sometimes things that have happened in the past can linger on your mind for much longer than you want them to, you have to just let them go.

You have to let go of the past to appreciate the present.

The next time you feel down I want you to list 3 things that have made you smile recently, appreciate them!
You could even write them down and then the next time you needed a little cheering up you could have a look at the things that have made you smile the most.

What three things have made me smile recently?
1. I went to a cute little village with my Grandparents the other day and it was full of adorable little shops and an old cinema that had been turned into a bookshop, I had such a fun time.
2. I recently got a desk and a dressing table for my bedroom and I put them together by myself and I didn't break them. I used muscles I didn't even know I had.
3. The sun! It has been so nice having warm weather in the UK and it has been nice not waking up to a miserable grey sky for once.

Those are three things that have made me smile recently, what has made you smile?

Don't let life pass you by, stop stressing about the small things (I do this a lot) and just start noticing the beautiful things around you.

I want you to do one thing today. Smile.

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