A Little Disappointing

So a little while ago I reviewed the MUA Undressed palette (you can find my review HERE) and I gave it a pretty good review which is why I am now a little disappointed.

I've used this for ages and never really had a problem with it, that is until recently.

I did my makeup the other morning and I was about to go out and as I looked in the mirror I noticed that there had been so much fall down from the eye shadow that my face looked like a disco ball. I was surprised as I hadn't noticed this happening before and I had even used an eye shadow base, this resulted in me having to quickly take off all of my make up before I ran out the door because I didn't fancy running around looking like Edward Cullen.

What made this even worse is that the glitter from the eye shadows was embedded into my skin and no amount of makeup remover or cleaner could get rid of it! 

I don't think I will be reaching for this much anymore, there are two matte shades I could still use for my eyebrows but other than that I might give this palette a miss for a while and one day when I'm feeling brave give it a try again (A day when I don't have to go out immediately after finishing my makeup).

Admittedly it was only £4 but I didn't pay £4 to have a disco ball on my cheeks.

Have you ever loved a product but suddenly been disappointed by it?

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