How To | A Relaxing Evening

Sometimes you need to put your feet up and relax. Trust me.

I thought I'd share with you my evening, I feel like I haven't blogged in ages when in reality it has been 3 days, but still I really wanted to upload a blog post so I thought why not show you what I'm doing right now.

I guess this is a kind of 'How-To', I might make it a little series, who knows.

Step one: A good hot chocolate, a very important part to creating the perfect hot chocolate is finding the right mug, you need to be able to dip a biscuit in it. I opted for a disney mug that has a 13 on it, it's my lucky number. Always make it with milk, the only time my hot chocolate is made with water is when I go out, milk is SO much better!

Step two: Find your favourite biscuit (if you don't know what your favourite biscuit is, figure it out, then find that biscuit) this is an essential part of the evening. My biscuit of choice is the classic Digestive biscuit, you can't beat them.

Step three: Pick your favourite film/TV series to watch. I've chosen  the first series of Charmed, if you haven't seen this show you are missing out. Eight seasons was not enough!

Step four: Put on comfortable pajamas and fluffy socks, the socks just make you feel ten times more comfortable.

Step five: Light some candles, grab a blanket and relax.

So that is how I have spent my evening, how have you spent yours?

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