Let's Catch Up

I feel as if I have been neglecting my blog recently and for that I apologise, so why haven't I been as active on here recently?
  • I have been starting my AS levels and there is a LOT of work and I haven't had time to sit here and talk to you because I have had work coming out of my ears
  • I've started actual work as well now which obviously takes up more of my time and energy
  • I've had a few friendship things going on that have not put me in the best of moods and I didn't want to inflict that onto you guys
  • I have had no motivation
So there are a few excuses for you, sorry. Isn't it exciting that we're in Autumn now, it is definitely my favourite season and I've just got my winter coat which has made me SUPER excited for all things winter and Christmas. They are not far away now. Anyway, back to the blog, I've got lots of posts planed for you guys and it will be good to get back to blogging.

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