Real Techniques Madness

If you've followed my blog for a while you will know that I love Real Techniques brushes, so I ordered a whole lot more. I guess I should show you what I got, let's get started...
This is one of the most popular Real Techniques sets, this set includes a range of brushes that are basic brushes needed to create a good base.

 The set includes...
1. contour brush
2. pointed foundation brush
3. detailer brush
4. buffing brush

My favourite brush from this collection is the buffing brush, this is incredible at creating a good base, as always with Real Techniques brushes they are incredibly soft. I use the detailer brush as a lip brush for applying lipstick. My least favourite brush is the pointed foundation brush because a. I'm not a massive fan of this type of brush and b. it is tiny.

This set cost £21.99 

This set includes basic eye brushes, the RT eye brushes are not a popular as others but are still good.

The set includes...
1. deluxe crease brush
2. base shadow brush
3. accent brush
4. pixel point eyeliner brush
5. brow brush

My favourite brush from this set is the deluxe crease brush as I use it to blend in my concealer, the accent brush is great for running shadow underneath the eye and the base shadow brush is super soft. The only thing little niggle about this is the brow brush,it's great for brows (it's purpose) but I don't use it to line my lash line with shadow as it is a little thick.

This set cost £21.99

I absolutely love this powder brush, before this I'd never owned a proper powder brush but this is amazing, this brush is INCREDIBLY soft, honestly you have to try this brush. it picks up the product nicely, is soft and does a great job. I love this brush.

This brush costs £12.99

This brush was an essential purchase for me, I had a brush that was similar that sadly came to the end of it's time so needed replacing. This is great because it comes with a little plastic cover for the lash separate side so that you don't hurt yourself (it is rather sharp).

This brush costs £7.99

Once again I'm really happy with my Real Techniques brushes and I would recommend them.

You can browse the Real Techniques range HERE

Have you tried any of these brushes?

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