Life's a Happy Song

I don't often sit here and tell you about my day but I've honestly just had the best day today and I thought I'd share that with you guys. I don't know if it was the day itself or what but I just feel so positive and dare I say it happy.
This may not seem like a big deal to some of you but over the last couple of years I've been through sad times, followed by slightly happier times, only to be ruined again, but I finally feel happy. It's an amazing feeling, just smiling for no reason, who knew people did that?
I've wanted to blog more recently, you guys know that, but I've just been so caught up being happy I've forgotten too.
I feel like I have had really good times with friends recently...

I just feel so happy and I thought I would share the positivity with you, I just feel like everything is slowly slotting into place and I wouldn't change a thing.

As I always say, happiness is free,  don't forget to smile.

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