Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted | Review

On Sunday I will be in London (for the first time!) to shop and most importantly to see Taylor Swift's Red tour! I am a MASSIVE  Taylor fan, I believe the term is a 'swiftie' and the excitement is genuinly killing me. As sunday  is on my mind 24/7 at the moment I thought going with the Taylor train I would give you my thoughts on  this perfume. Wow, that was one long introduction.

This perfume is called 'Wonderstruck Enchanted' and is the second of the three or four perfumes she has released. Firstly let's just spend a moment to truly admire the packaging and design of this. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. The bottle itself is a beautiful red colour, very fitting with her new album, and it complete with beautiful charms, the little touches make a big difference. I have just fallen in love with the packaging, let along the scent of it. 

The press release for the perfume list these ingredients:
·                     Top notes of wild berries, pink poppy & passion fruit
·                     Heart notes of peony blossoms, sugar-glazed champaca petals & white freesia
·                     Base notes of white musk, hypnotic vanilla & blonde woods

I honestly love the scent of this, it is very girly and floral but slightly musky, it has a deeper tone to it and it smells amazing. Slightly more mature but still young, it's perfect. This comes as an Eau de Parfam which means that it is stronger and lasts longer than an Eau de Toilette but isn't as strong as an actual perfume. The cost is incredible, I've worked with perfume and let me tell you it costs a lot less than some Eau de Toilettes that smell, how shall I word it, unpleasant. 

If you haven't guessed already I'm in love with this perfume and I think that you all should at least smell it, please.

I will leave the advert for the perfume for you to feast your eyes on as it is just as beautiful as the product itself.

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