January Favourites 2014

It’s never too late for a monthly favourites right? I did do a video for this but I have had no time to do the blog post until now, but nevertheless, here are my January favourites.

If you watched my 2013 favourites you would have seen that I briefly mentioned my favourite mascara combination recently, it hasn't changed.  I will hold ym hands up and say that they are both high end and yes I know you can get great mascaras on the high street but these truly are amazing. The one I use for my top lashes is the Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara which is pricey but incredible. It gives you winged out, fluttery, voluminous, lengthened lashes, if you haven't tried it you should! The second is a product that I lusted after for the longest time and finally bought, it is the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara, this is the cutest product ever, have you seen the tiny little wand? I love this because it doesn't smudge and I don't look like a panda, it ticks every box.

The next thing is the Super Facialist by Una Brennan Tea Flower Deep Clean Pore Purifying Clay Mask, oh my, this is good! I put off buying this for the longest time as to me tea flower has a menthol scent to it, a scent I CANNOT stand but I finally decided to bite the bullet as I'd heard so many great things about this. What I love about it is that it is a no frills clay mask, it does it's job. My skin feels incredibly soft when I use this, seriously soft, you need to try it. P.S you don't notice the scent once it's on.

If you've been reading my blog for a while now you'll have seen this product in a favourites once or twice. This is the L'Oreal Matt and Messy Shine-Free Salt Spray, I really really like this. I've been using this on days when I've let my hair dry naturally and I need something to style the curls slightly, it is great (it's cheap too!).

Naughty, naughty, is that face wipes I see? During January I was just tired and tired means that taking off makeup is the biggest chore in the world, enter face wipes. I never use face wipes, ever but my Mum was using these and I sneakily 'borrowed' one and after using it went out and bought my own pack. What like about these is that they really get your makeup off, not a single bit left. They're not the cheapest face wipes at £7 but they are definitely worth it, after all, if you're going to use face wipes use good ones.

I wore this through the most of January, partially as it was a Christmas gift which I loved and secodnly I wore it in anticipation of seeing Taylor Swift on her Red Tour this month, which was incredible and I will blog about soon. Firstly the packaging of Wonderstruck Enchanted is beautiful, it looks beautiful sat on my dressing tanle, I can't fault it. The scent is really lovely too, I've done a review of this which I will like for you fi you want to know more about the product.

So those were the best products through January for me, what were yours?

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