A Max Factor Makeover

So I was offered a makeover by the beauty consultant who works on the Max Factor stand in my local Boots and of course I said yes. My little beauty blogger brain couldn’t wait to see what she used so that I could tell you.

We had a little chat and decided to go for a quite glamorous, a little bit special not your everyday natural makeup which I normally go for. I must say it looks more subtle in the pictures but it was nice, it was more than I usually go for, but it wasn’t too much.

She said that the lip colour she used on me was definitely my colour and the shopaholic inside of me had to buy it (I’m not even sorry) and I agree, I like my corals. It was so funny because I have super long eyelashes which is why I think I’m really fussy with mascara and the poor Lady learned this the hard way. The mascara printed top and bottom, ruining the eyeshadow and concealer which she then had to touch up, yes my eyelashes are a pain.

The products she used are:
  •          Facefinity foundation in 75 golden
  •          Panstick concealer in 13
  •          Loose powder
  •          A matte bronzer, I couldn’t remember the shade name
  •          Classic rose blusher
  •          Sweet pink eyeshadow trio
  •         The excess volume liner in charcoal
  •          Excess volume extreme impact mascara
  •          Hazel eyebrow pencil
  •          Brown&nude lip liner
  •         Pink brandy lipstick

On a side note my top is from H&M and my watch is from NEXT.

I really liked the look she did, it pushed me out of my comfort zone without going too far, plus I fell in love with the lipstick. It was such  a nice experience, I would definitely recommend it.


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