LUSH | Fluffy Egg

I bought my first ever LUSH product which was in the form of a bath bomb. I popped into LUSH to buy a present for a friend and saw the Easter collection, saw this and knew it had to be mine.

If you’ve ever smelt snow fairy this bath bomb smells exactly like it, very sweet and like happiness. I love the smell of this; I wish it was available all year! I could smell this in my hair the day after it is just so nice.

I also absolutely love the design of it; it is shaped like an egg, how cute is this?

I popped this into my bath, reluctantly as I never wanted to use it as it was just too pretty, it instantly fizzed around the bath and turned it pink. Who doesn’t want a pink bath?

I really wish they were a permanent part of the products available; I want a never ending supply of them!

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